The Helsinki Cup is a unique experience thanks to its excellent organisation!
Since 1976, Helsinki Cup has been growing year after year to become the third largest youth football tournament in Europe. Last year more than 22.000 players from 18 different countries participated. The tournament is aimed at both professional and amateur teams and there are adequate level competitions for everyone.
In 2015 the tournament was streamed live for the first time and from then on all the Helsinki Cup games are watched in more than 40 countries.

The Finnish Sports Gala, held annually, chose the Helsinki Cup 2015 as one of the three best- organised sporting events and designated the tournament as a candidate for Sporting Event of the

Year. The Helsinki Cup is also well known for its style and for its excellent football pitches.

Helsinki Cup is a full-service tournament. We take care of all the needs of the teams that go to the tournament such as accommodation, meals, flight tickets to Finland and back. In addition to accommodation and meals, the Helsinki Cup package also includes a travel card that will allow you free public transport for the whole tournament week.

Also, all the LSA teams will do English classes everyday and will have the opportunity to practice their language skills with coaches and players from other countries.